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Server Rules

Post by Admin on Sat May 30, 2015 10:05 am

1. Ships no bigger than 3million blocks, 700m in L/W/H
2. Stations no bigger than 5million blocks, 1000m in L/W/H
3. No bumping/ramming
4. Dont argue with the Admins *if you have an issue with an Admin, contact StoneCyfer
5. No ships larger than 1000 blocks on planets
6. No ships larger than 6000 blocks within 2 sectors of Spawn
7. Knowingly utilizing game code exploits will not be tolerated!

8. Try to keep language as civil as possible in Gen chat. Trash-talking is acceptable, even encouraged, but please avoid Racial remarks, extreme vulgarity etc.

Remember, this is a GAME. We are all just trying to have fun, nothing that happens here will have much impact in real life.


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